Aviation Snip Cutter

The straight cut compound action aviation snip is strong and durable. Its serrated cutting blades cut up to 18-gauge cold rolled or 23-gauge stainless steel. With forged chrome molybdenum steel cutting blades, latch design for quick single handed operation, color-coded, bi-material grips for slip resistance, this tool allows you to cut steel with ease


– Brand: Mavric
– Type: Cutting Tools
– Measuring Length: 10 inches
– Product Weight: 112 g
– Material: Steel
– Color: Orange
– Country of Origin: USA

– Chrome-molybdenum alloy steel forged blades for strength and durability
– Serrated edges for stable bite and prevents slipping
– Centre fastener for high tensile strength and provided for longer life
– Non- slip dual material handle for comfort grip
– Spring-free auto latch design for one hand operation provides safety and convenience
– 18ga (MS) and 23ga (SS) cutting capacity


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